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At Eisai China Inc., we value our employees and provide them with tools, training, and opportunities to prosper in their careers. We provide competitive compensation and welfare benefits, and continually recognize and reward excellent performance and hard work. We strive to provide a working environment where our employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance. We […]


In pursuit of its human health care philosophy, Eisai China Inc. strives to maintain the highest GMP standard in manufacturing products and strictly adheres to the highest level of ethics and compliance. Through this commitment, Eisai China Inc not only provides high-quality, eco-friendly, safe and satisfactory products and services to patients and their families, but also […]


The Compliance Counter serves as a point of contact for the whistle-blowing system and consultation resource in Eisai China which aims to creat an environment that serves to further promote compliance. It is also a consultation/contact resource that all officers, employees and business partner can use to seek assistance with interpreting provisions and finding answers […]

Culture of Eisai China

The fast development of Eisai’s business in China is the result of autonomous and transparent management style and timely grasp of market changes. We fully respect each employee, encourage knowledge innovation, adhere to strict moral and ethical standards, and highly advocate a working atmosphere that fosters teamwork and cooperation. In line with the human health care philosophy, […]


Mission We give first thought to patients and the people in the daily living domain, and increase the benefits that health care provides to them as well as meet diverse healthcare needs worldwide. Vision A human health care company capable of making a meaningful contribution under any health care system while observing the highest legal and ethical […]