“5G Era, Epilepsy Care“, a large public welfare project has been launched.


“Hp”-Care for patients, a public welfare projects started smoothly.


Donated over 15 million valued cash and goods to Anti-COVID-19 project. Among them, 1 million RMB was donated to Wuhan Charity Federation and it donated medicines with a total value of more than 10.56 million yuan to relevant medical institutions and organizations for the protection and improvement of medical personnel’s autoimmunity, and goods with a total value of 3.89 million yuan from various channels at home and abroad bought protective clothing, isolation clothing, medical surgical masks, eye masks, face masks, goggles, frontal temperature guns, disinfection and sterilization supplies and other supplies.


Eisai China Inc. win the title of 2019 most socially responsible enterprises in Suzhou Industrial Park.


Initiated and participated in the online joint free clinic project for neurologists in 30 provinces.