Relieving discomfort caused by dry skin with the moisturizing effect of pharmaceutical care products EISAI TO LAUNCH SAHNE® MEDICAL SPRAY AND SAHNE® MEDICAL CREAM

Sahne Medical Spray is the first OTC drug spray-type lotion containing Heparinoid

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) announced today that it has launched Sahne® Medical Spray and Sahne® Medical Cream (both are category-2 OTC drugs, “Sahne Medical”) on August 25, 2020 at pharmacies and drugstores throughout Japan, as a new product of the Sahne brand lineup which has been a favored hand care for generations.


Eisai conducted a survey of 1,000 women in their 40s to 50s in April 2020. As a result, it was found that approximately 70% of the subjects felt that the dryness of their skin and/or the dry skin expanse had increased compared to its condition five years ago. Additionally, a number of comments regarding the discomfort of dryness from people with dry skin were received as follows: “The dryness has spread to my thighs, shins, sides, and back.”, “I’m distracted just by my underwear rubbing against my skin.”, and “My dry skin flakes stick inside my clothes whenever I get undressed, which makes me uncomfortable.” It is considered that the skin condition of women after their late 30s requires more reliable moisturizing effects of pharmaceuticals, since the amounts of sebum, natural moisturizing factors, and intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum necessary for water retention of the skin decrease.

“Sahne Medical” is a category-2 OTC drug containing the active ingredient “Heparinoid”, which exerts a high moisturizing effect against dry skin (xeroderma) that worsens with age. Heparinoid penetrates into the stratum corneum, increases natural moisturizing factors, and restores the structure of intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum to moisturize dry skin.

There are two types of product lines, spray and cream, which can be selected depending on the part of the body where the product is applied and/or the principles of TPO (time, place and occasion). “Sahne Medical Spray” is the first OTC drug spray-type lotion containing Heparinoid. This product is handy for the consumer to use on the back, side and back of thigh, where it is difficult to apply the medicine by themselves, as it features a container that can be sprayed upside down and a fine mist-like lotion. In addition, the tube-type “Sahne Medical Cream” is recommended for relieving unbearable discomfort of dryness upon going out, as it is convenient to carry.

The Sahne brand has continued to be a gentle companion to the daily lives of many people for 66 years since its launch. With the new launch of Sahne Medical, a pharmaceutical product, Eisai is now able to provide a remedy for skin problems that it had not been able to contribute to before. Eisai will further respond to the wishes of consumers who want to be relieved of the discomfort of dry skin, with the moisturizing effect of pharmaceutical care products and the gentle nature of Sahne products.


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