Launch Meeting of the Third-Generation Antiepileptic Drug of Fycompa (Perampanel) in China

Eisai China Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Eisai China”) successfully held the launch meeting of Fycompa® (perampanel) in China on December 1, 2019, which marks the official launch of the new third-generation antiepileptic drug of Fycompa® in China. This means that the first non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist is officially ushered in the field of epilepsy treatment in China, which will bring new treatment methods and means for the majority of patients with epilepsy and their families.

At the Fycompa® launch meeting in China, Mr. Okada Yasushi, the Executive Officer of Eisai Co., Ltd., the Chairman of Eisai China Holdings Ltd. and Eisai China Inc., said, “First of all, I would like to welcome the experts and scholars who are here and teachers from nearly 200 epilepsy centers who are watching this meeting online to participate in the launching meeting of Fycompa in China and the following academic discussion. Eisai regards neuroscience, including epilepsy, as a key therapeutic area. With the approval and official launch of Fycompa® in China, Eisai China will also officially enter the antiepileptic market from now on, benefiting epilepsy patients in China. In keeping with the mission of freeing numerous epilepsy patients from epilepsy, Eisai is committed to meeting the diverse needs of epilepsy patients and their families, and improving their well-being.”

Mr. Okada Yasushi delivered a welcome speech

It is learned that Fycompa® has been granted priority status by the National Medical Products Administration since the application for new drug listing was submitted in September 2018 on the basis that it has significant clinical benefits compared with existing treatment methods. About 12 months later, namely on September 29, 2019, the National Medical Products Administration approved the import license of the new drug of Eisai, Fycompa®, which is applicable to additional treatment of partial onset seizures (with or without secondary generalized seizures) in epilepsy adults and children aged 12 and above.

Fycompa® launching ceremony

Epilepsy is a chronic non-communicable disease of the brain that affects approximately 50 million people worldwide, making it one of the most common neurological diseases around the world. The disease is characterized by recurrent attacks. During an epileptic seizure, patients present a temporary involuntary convulsion of a part or whole of the body (i.e., partial or general seizure), and sometimes accompanied by loss of consciousness and incontinence. About 9 million people in China suffer from epilepsy, 60% of whom are affected by partial seizures, and 40% of those require additional treatment. In addition, the disease of about 30% of epilepsy patients can’t be controlled with existing antiepileptic drugs. Epilepsy is a disease with great medical needs which have not yet been met. 

Fycompa® is an innovative antiepileptic drug developed by the Eisai Tsukuba Research Institute, with dosage and administration of oral administration, once daily. This drug is a highly selective, non-competitive AMPA-type receptor antagonist that can reduce the over-excitation of neurons associated with epilepsy attack via targeted inhibition of glutamate activity of the post-synaptic membrane AMPA receptor. Fycompa® has currently received Class A recommendation for the combination therapy of refractory epilepsy with partial seizures (TRAFE) for adults in the 2018 AAN / AES guidelines.

Venue of Fycompa® launch meeting in China

Fycompa® has been approved in more than 60 countries worldwide for the additional treatment of partial onset seizures (with or without secondary generalized seizures) in epilepsy patients aged 12 and above. In addition, Fycompa® has been approved in 55 countries worldwide for the additional treatment of primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures in epilepsy patients aged 12 years and above. In the United States, Fycompa® has been approved for monotherapy and additional treatment of partial onset seizures (with or without secondary generalized seizures) in children aged 4 and above.

With the launch of Fycompa® in China, Eisai China will further strengthen the leadership position in the field of neuroscience based on more than 35 years of drug development experience in neuroscience and the philosophy of “human health care (hhc)” aiming at “giving first thought to patients and their families, and increasing the benefits health care provides”, which has been rooted in China for more than 25 years.

While continuously introducing new drugs and providing disease solutions, we also provide long-term communication and learning platforms to medical professionals, build bridges for the latest medical information exchange at home and abroad, and present rich disease management experience and cutting-edge academic progress. Eisai China is willing to join hands with all walks of life to promote the attention and development of the entire Chinese society in the field of neuroscience.