“We-orthopedics” is a WeChat public platform developed in response to the mass’s reduced dependency on PC terminals and increasing application of mobile pone app WeChat. As the first WeChat public platform of Eisai, “We-orthopedics” is positioned as a platform designed for Chinese orthopedists for the purpose of academic exchange in orthopedics and release of latest news, Eisai orthopedics product information and events. It is also an aggressive exploration of Eisai Orthopedics Team amidst the tide of e-promotion.

Since its launch in Sep. 2013, “We-orthopedics” phase-I, targeting at attracting orthopedists’ eyes, organized the WeChat Medical Cases Voting Campaign. During the 2-month campaign, “We-orthopedics” attracted 2360 followers in total. “We-orthopedics” phase-II targets at maintaining users’ loyalty with enriched contents and interactions. A brand new “We-orthopedics” is expected to be launched in late November. This WeChat platform offers a variety of contents, covering We-news (orthopedics scholar and industrial news), face-to-face interactions with orthopedics specialists, information on Eisai product campaigns, We-orthopedics knowledge contest, treasure hunt game (product info embedded) and entertainment news on Fridays (relating to medical treatment).

This innovative WeChat platform is well received by orthopedists. Eisai Orthopedics Team will continue to explore e-promotion techniques in the field of medicine so as to create win-win solutions for corporations and customers and eventually bring benefit to patients.