“Osteoporosis-Care for Doctors” Kick-off Meeting

Osteoporosis is a latent and degenerative disease featured by high morbidity, disability rate and fatality rate. 69,440,000 persons of those aged 50 or above suffer from osteoporosis. The fatalness of osteoporotic fracture is 40% for women and 13% for men. For those suffering from osteoporotic fragility fracture on hip, 20% will die from complications of this disease, 30% become permanently disable, 40% lose the ability of independent ambulation, and 50% lose the ability of self-care after one year. Meanwhile, medical staff serving those patients has to work for long hours under tremendous pressure. What’s more, physicians are also victims of diseases. They are exposed to twice higher risk of diseases than the peers. In particular, the physicians aged 40 or above are exposed to a much higher risk of geriatric diseases than average. The medical staff who brings health and happiness to patients also requires our concern and care.

The public service activity titled “Osteoporosis-Care for Doctors” jointly sponsored by China Association of Health Promotion and Education and Eisai China Inc. was officially kicked off on May 3 in Beijing Hospital, marking the start of this large-scale public benefit campaign that will last for 3 months and cover more than 40 cities across China. Sticking to the tenet of “concern, prevention and action”, the sponsors of this activity organized lectures on osteoporosis risk screening and health knowledge for medical staff, for the purpose of enhancing medical staff’s concern on their health and helping them acquire the knowledge on osteoporosis prevention and mitigate the risk and hazard associated with osteoporosis by means of early prevention & diagnosis and regulated treatment.

Yin Dakui, president of China Association of Health Promotion and Education and former vice-minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Liu Keling, standing vice-president and secretary-general of China Association of Health Promotion and Education both spoke highly of this activity. At the kick-off meeting, Wang Jianye, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Hospital pointed out that this activity is launched at the right moment as medical staff calls for immediate public concern and care. Pan Wei, senior manager of PC-BU Marketing Section of Eisai China primarily introduced Eisai’s hhc (human health care) concept and expressed Eisai’s resolution to offer its full support in bringing this activity to fruition.

Prof. Sun Mingxiao, deputy head of the Secretion Department of Beijing Hospital and an expert in osteoporosis, delivered a special report titled “Healthy Bone and Happy Life”, mainly introducing how to effectively prevent and cure osteoporosis. He especially recommended vitamin K2 preparation as a safe drug for improving bone quality.

Meanwhile, nearly 200 medical workers from Beijing Hospital and Tongren Hospital and 10 domestic media attended and raised questions at the kick-off meeting.

After the meeting, Prof. Sun Mingxiao said that she acquired knowledge on VK2 and osteoporosis through lectures and hoped to apply GLAKAY® Capsules with the least delay possible to experience for herself this product’s remedies to osteoporosis. Other doctors from Tongren Hospital and Beijing Hospital present at the kick-off meeting also expressed that many medicines are available for osteoporosis but only Eisai and its GLAKAY® products truly care for the health of medical workers. Among 121 feedback questionnaires completed and submitted by medical workers from Beijing Hospital, 110 registered and applied to get GLAKAY® samples.

The information on this kick-off meeting was also released on www.cmt.com.cnwww.haoyisheng.comwww.idiabetes.com.cn and www.mdweekly.cn. 74 in-house lectures are expected to be held in the incoming May-July across the country, covering doctors of 5000 person-time.