“2011 Eisai Scholarship”Award Ceremony held at Suzhou University

On the afternoon of December 28, 2011,Eisai Pharmacy Grant Award Ceremony was ceremoniously held at 155 Conference Room, Red Building, Suzhou University. Ms. Yue Wenqin, Vice General Manager of Eisai (China) Inc, Mr. Dong Suxuan, Regional Manager of Basic Treatment Division, Ms Gu Chunmei, Branding Deputy Manager of Digestive Hepatic Disease Division, Mr. Xue Hui, Director of Office of Development Committee of Suzhou University, Mr. Dai Rongming, Secretary of Party & Union Committee of Medical Department, Ms. Jiang Haiyan, CPC Party Secretary of Nursing College, Mr. Ge Zhiqiang, Deputy Dean of Preclinical Medicine & Bioscience College, Mr. Zhang Xuenong, Deputy Dean of Pharmaceutical College attended the award ceremony. The awarding ceremony was moderated by Li Chunhong, Director of Student Affairs Office of Medical Department.

      The award ceremony started punctually at 3:30 pm. First, Secretary Dai delivered a speech. He expressed thanks to Eisai (China) Inc for the great support to the students of Suzhou University over the past decade, and put forward three points of requirements for the grant-wining and grant-aided students:first, they should keep in mind the deep love and strong support from Eisai, second, they should study hard and diligently to enhance themselves in an all-round way to lay a solid foundation for becoming pillars of the society in the future, third, they should feel indebted,always bearing a debt of gratitude to face life and future.
        And then, Ms. Yue Wenqin, Vice General Manager of Eisai (China) Inc presented the background information and Eisai Inc and the purpose of setting up the scholarship and grant to the teachers and students present, hoping the students to study hard during the undergraduate time to create a bright future for themselves, and hoped to have further cooperation with Medical Department in the future.
       After the guests attending the ceremony awarded scholarships and grant to the scholarship-winning and grant-aided students in batches and took group photos with them as a souvenir, Lisa Li, a 2008 medical Inspection major made a speech on behalf of the scholarship-winning and grant-aided students. She expressed thanks to Eisai (China) Inc and also the development with utmost attention from the school and all the students for the students,and committed solemnly to work harder to live up to the expectations on the students of Suzhou University.
       Next, Mr. Xue Hui, Director of Office of Development Committee of Suzhou University awarded the donation certificate to Ms. Yue Wenqin of Eisai (China) Inc and delivered a speech. Director Xue appreciated the generous financial aid of Eisai (China) Inc over the past decadeand hoped the two units to maintain long-term friendly partnerships and further expand cooperative fields to realize win-win results.
      Finally, all the guests attending the award ceremony took group photos together the the students at the Red Building Square as a souvenir.