Eisai China Policy on Submission of Ideas:
1. Eisai China Holdings Ltd., its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, ” Eisai China”) are committed to protecting the privacy of the information collected from external individuals and organizations through Eisai China online opportunity submission process. Information here refers to personal identifiable information and other personal data, as well as ideas submitted to Eisai China in conjunction with the online opportunity submission process.
2. All materials submitted MUST be non-confidential and should not contain any markings indicating confidentiality. By submitting your materials to Eisai China for review, you understand that we will not treat the information as confidential or proprietary, and thus will not be restricted from using such information or disclosing such information to third parties.
3. We believe that the patent laws are the best means by which the submitter, as well as Eisai China, may be fairly and adequately protected. We suggest that persons desiring to submit ideas to us first obtain, or at least apply for, a patent whenever that is possible.
4. In the absence of patent protection or a written contract, Eisai China shall have the right to decide, in its sole discretion, whether the submitter will be compensated for the suggestion or idea submitted to Eisai China or for Eisai China’s use thereof, and the amount of any such compensation.We sincerely hope the information in this statement has been helpful in clarifying our position with regard to the submission of ideas.

I acknowledge that I have read the above statement ‘Eisai China Policy on Submission of Ideas’, which sets forth your policy on the submission of ideas by persons outside your company. I agree that in making this submission, I shall be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the policy statement. In consideration of your examining my idea, I release your company from any liability for any use of all or any portion thereof, except such liability as may arise with respect to a valid new patent now or hereafter issued to me.